Friday, August 6, 2010

sassy summertime slider bento

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Our summer vacation is coming to an end and I think we've hit the summertime doldrums. My kids are sick of each other and I am sick of them trashing the house craving some semblance of schedule and a return to routines!

Anywho, today I kicked the kids out of the house set up some fun water slide and kiddie pool action in the backyard invited the kids to have lunch on the deck. This was my little girl's lunch. Bento boxes work well for outside picnics because the food doesn't go sliding off the edge easily, like it can on a plate. Of course, bento boxes can be knocked off the edge of a table and dumped all over the ground just the same. Which is precisely what happened to my 8 year-old's bento when a squabble over who had more elbow space broke out between him and his 3 year-old sister. Sigh!

Summertime bento packed in a Sassy box:
summer sassy bento
On the left side is a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on a slider bun with a piece of heart-shaped organic strawberry fruit leather on top; a couple garlic pretzel thins, tiny silicone dish of organic yogurt covered raisins.

On the right side: blueberries, Babybell cheese, garden fresh cucumbers (with a sprinkle of cracked pepper).

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TheMoellerPad said... [Reply to comment]

Looks super yummy! I just love your tiny silicone dish

svankirk said... [Reply to comment]

I just had to laugh at this! Your kiddos sound like mine!

cocasta said... [Reply to comment]

How do you get the heart cut out in the Babybell cheese? Thanks!

sherimiya said... [Reply to comment]

Nice, bright n colorful bento!

Crafty Kitchen Momma said... [Reply to comment]

I HAD to seriously LOL at this! within my 4, i have an 8 yr old boy and 3 yr old girl as well and these two fight the most! he always scares her and she annoys him ect but they can be sooo loving to each other too :)very cute colorful bento by the way ;)

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

@ cocasta - It's very easy! Just press a small sharp-edged cookie cutter into the wax and press gently just to cut through the wax, pull out the cutter and the wax usually comes right out too. :) I used the heart from this set of mini-cutters from Amazon:

@ Crafty Kitchen Momma - you can commiserate! :) My most quarrelsome duo are my 3yo girl and 6yo boy. My 8yo son is usually the impartial leader. But they are just all at each other's throats the last few days! Yeesh!!

RLR said... [Reply to comment]

We (um, maybe it's just me) are also craving the return to schedule that school provides! Until then, we are going to enjoy the pool as often as we can.

Mommyof2girlz said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like we were on the same page Friday. I also used PB and did a heart on my baby bell. Looks like were getting closer in it! Now just come to SD for a Great bento and love the little corner cups..thinking I need some now ;)

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Those little corner cups are my new favorites! :) They work better in boxes that don't have sloped sides though (unlike this Sassy box). I'd love a trip to SanDiego. My boys need to see Legoland before they outgrow it and I want them to experience Sea World at the same park I did as a kid! :)

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