Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PlanetBox lunch with an edible nametag!

Ethan's lunch for the day.

PlanetBox for Ethan

In the large section is cereal bar, granola bar, pretzels and fruit leather.

Working around the PlanetBox is also carrots, striped granny smith apple, and the prettiest little organic strawberries I have ever seen since moving to TN from CA (almost five years ago)! Those strawberries are perfect.

The fruit leather is the "leftover" from Monday's Chicka Chicka Boom Boom snack. It's the "negative" of some of the letters that were used in that muffin tin meal. I strategically made words of some of the letters before cutting them out to make the "scraps" more appealing. :)
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Becky A said... [Reply to comment]

so cute! I am STILL jealous of the Planetbox...3 of my 5 have birthdays coming up, maybe I can convince one of them that a Planetbox is what they want!

Christina said... [Reply to comment]

The edible name tag is so incredibly cute!! I love the idea!

mochadoo said... [Reply to comment]

oooooooooooo.....I like this box!!!

Frugally Fabulous Mom said... [Reply to comment]

So cute! I'm trying to decide on a lunchbox...PlanetBox or Laptop Lunchbox? Which one is the best?

faithfulmommy said... [Reply to comment]

See - I'm beginning to get off my major desire for the Goodbyn lunchbox now that I'm seeing your PlanetBox lunches looking all cool and masculine... but if I'm honest, I want both. Three sets of both. One of each for each of three kids. And honestly, eventually I will have them all, thankyouverymuch.

Mama said... [Reply to comment]

So, what brand of fruit leather do you buy? And where do you buy it? I'm trying to figure out how to do that.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Mama, it's Archer Farms brand from Target. Comes in a box of 10. It's organic and quite a bit softer than other brands I've used which makes it easy to cut.

Frugally Fabulous Mom... I can't say which one is best, but I'll say that PlanetBox is all one piece so there is less to keep track of. Laptop Lunches have mutiple pieces to chase after, but with Bento Buddies inner boxes you have more variety in how you "lay out" the lunch. Laptop Lunches system will cost half of a PlanetBox setup.

faithful mommy - you go girl! ;-)

Susan Yuen said... [Reply to comment]

Neat box! Great looking lunch and love the name tag. :)

The said... [Reply to comment]

I would love to know how you stripe and checker the apples. Also, do you put lemon juice on them so they don't turn brown?

Sweet Savings said... [Reply to comment]

What did you decide about PlanetBox - pros, cons?

The Traylor's said... [Reply to comment]

Okay so I must admit I stumbled upon your blog at 4:45 in the am. I have a teething baby... and for the first time EVER I'm happy he woke me up. HAHA. I'm in love. I'm actually writing a blog post on my "family" blog linking to you because I'm loving it so much. While browsing for a fun photo to include (hope you don't mind) I clicked on this link and just wanted to say, I'm a California girl too. I moved to Tennessee almost six years ago! We'll be here for at least another three while my husband finishes up his grad program. Anyway, thanks for this's amazing!

Kara said... [Reply to comment]

Really cute! I love the fruit leather name tag.

We have a planetbox and I love it. It made it all the way through Kindergarten last year and it still looks brand new. We got a new carry bag and magnets this year because my son wanted a different color.

The only cons I have are the price and it's a bit heavy, especially when you add a full funtainer thermos along with it. Ds is only in first grade and doesn't have much to carry or far to go so the weight isn't a huge issue for us.

For me the pros are: It's stainless steel so no icky chemicals to worry about and it go anywhere in the dishwasher without melting/warping. It's really durable. It's easy for a little kid to open without danger of spilling the entire contents. It's all one piece so there are no lids to lose.

We have tons of different lunch boxes. Laptops lunchboxes for everyone in the house, a Mr Bento that my husband takes to work, a couple of Lunchsense kits (these are great when I want to pack a hot lunch in a wide mouth thermos) and the Planetbox. I gave my Goodbyn away because it just didn't work well for us.

Ellisa said... [Reply to comment]

I'm still trying to figure out the adorable striped apple. I know it must be crazy simple, but I just can't get my stripes that thin... :/

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Ellisa, I use a serated knife to cut the stripes through the skin. The serated bits allow you to feel the skin popping as it is cut ... once you have the slits through the skin just use a paring knife to cut away the peal in between the lines.
It sounds more complicated than it really is. :)

Ellisa said... [Reply to comment]

sweet!! Thanks Melissa!!

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