Wednesday, August 11, 2010

announcing the Lunch Punch giveaway winners!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The winners of the Lunch Punch giveaway!! Yes, winners (plural!)!!! More than one winner! SURPRISE!!

Are you SO excited? Are you?
I AM!!! :)

The GRAND PRIZE winner of the Lunch Punch giveaway is....

Lunch Punch GRAND PRIZE winner!

Comment #46:
Fullscreen capture 8112010 33245 AM

As the GRAND PRIZE winner Shannah wins not only the new Sand*wishes and VrrRRM! sets, but also Critter Cutters and the Match & Munch puzzle set!! That's every single Lunch Punch set!!!!

Congratulations, Shannah!!! :)

But that's not all! The marvelous, wonderful wizard of Lunch Punch (that would be Kiersten), had a few tricks up her sleeve. :) So besides the official grand prize winner, we have 10 more winners too!!!

The runner-up winners, are all getting both the new Sand*wishes set and the new VrrRRRM! set! Woooohoooo!!! Isn't Lunch Punch FANTATIC?!!

The extra 10 lucky peeps were not selected by Just so you know. My comment section does not have numbering enabled and I was not going to count through almost 400 comments ten times (and then ten more to double-check my counting!). These winners were selected by the following method:

* I left the room and allowed my husband to man my computer.

* As my husband scrolled up and down through the comment pages my kids took turns jabbing their fingers at the monitor to pick the ten extra winners.

Okey dokey, without further ado.... if your comment is pictured, you are a winner!

LP contest winners - 1.bmp

LP contest winner - 2.bmp

LP contest winner - 3

LP contest winners - 4.bmp

LP contest winner - 5.bmp

LP contest winner - 6

LP contest winner - 7

LP  contest winner - 8.bmp

LP contest winner - 9.bmp

LP contest winner - 10

CONGRATULAIONS!!! I'm so happy for you all! :)

Everyone together now, "LUNCH PUNCH ROCKS!!!" ... a little louder next time, I couldn't quite hear you. ;-) You can always visit Lunch Punch on Facebook and tell them how awesome they are there too! :)

If you are a winner please email me at with your name and mailing address. Also, if you could please tell me your "screen name" as is shown here along with what # you are in this list, that would be very helpful for me to keep track of who is who! THANKS!!!

Winners have until Saturday, August 14 to contact me to collect their Lunch Punch prize. After that point I'll have my children smudge up my computer screen again to pick another winner. ;-)
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Brenda said... [Reply to comment]

wow!! thats really awesome!!! Congratulations to the winners!

RLR said... [Reply to comment]

Wow - 11 winners! Fantastic! Thanks, Melissa, Melissa's family, and Lunch Punch for a great giveaway!

Dunn Family said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, that is great 11 winners!! Congrats to all the winner :)

Emily - said... [Reply to comment]

Very nice, congrats to all the winners!

Stef plus 3 said... [Reply to comment]

congrats to everyone!!

Kelly Polizzi said... [Reply to comment]

oh my goodness, that is so cool. you made my day shannon!

Shannah said... [Reply to comment]

omg I can't believe I won!! haha I have no idea what I need to so just let me know! This is the biggest thing ever!! My daughter is going to LOVE IT! Thank you so much!

Shannah said... [Reply to comment]

Well I guess I should have read the rest of the directions haha so no need to tell me again what I need to do... I guess I'm so excited I got carried away! and yes....LUNCHPUNCH ROCKS!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said... [Reply to comment]

AAhhh! Your hubby forgot to point at my name! ;)
Congrats to the lucky winners!

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