Sunday, July 11, 2010

EasyLunchboxes with flower power

Husband and I were able to go to dinner alone last night! Yay, us! This was my little girl's bento she took to the the drop-in playplace (no reservations required childcare!).

This box is packed with flower power! (I really went overboard with the flower shapes). ;-)
EasyLunchboxes flower power!

Packed in an EasyLunchboxes container, the large section on the left has a turkey sandwich, pretzel crisps, cheddar cheese and fruit leather. The smaller sections on the right hold cucumbers and raspberries.

The sandwich was cut using a Lunch Punch sandwich cutter from the brand-new (hasn't even been released yet!)(You can pre-order yours now!) Sand*wishes set. The two pieces of fruit leather were cut with the flower shape from the middle of the Lunch Punch.
The cheddar cheese and cucumbers were cut with different sizes of flower-shaped mini cutters.
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There are just a few days left to enter the bento goodie giveaway, benefiting Alex. Please remember to cast your votes for the sweet Kallas family and then leave your comment on that giveaway post! I'm thrilled with the outcome so far and am gathering the goods for the next giveaway. (Yay!!!) Thank you so much and please, keep the votes coming! :)

How to vote:
1. go to the Pigeon Forge Taking Vacations Back contest page.

2. click the "votes" option and then the "sort" button. This should sort the nominees so that the ones with the most votes are at the top. If this doesn't work (sometimes it doesn't work when I do it on my iPhone), if you click the spot at the very top of the page where it says "vote for a family" and then do the sort by votes it should work then -- sometimes it's tricky. I'm sorry for that.

3. Find "Andrea K. - Spring Hill, Tn (6/1/2010)". This is the Kallas family, they've been hanging out in the 3rd place spot, but are gaining on #2!! Next click where it says "vote" right to the left of Andrea's name. That's it! You've voted!

4. Go to the the bento goodie giveaway post and leave a comment saying that you have voted.

5. Come back and do it all over again every day. You can vote from your computer and your phone. You can vote from work. You can vote from the library. Hop on your neighbors unsecured wireless internet and vote again. ;-) Do what you gotta do, but please vote.
Leave another comment on my giveaway post for every vote you cast. More votes, more chances to win.

This was the last time Owen saw Alex. I'm sorry for the poor photo quality! I took it with my phone, and then had to crop out the other kids that were in the background.
It was during our Mother's Day brunch that their Kindergarten class held. Alex spent the morning at clinic that day, but was able to pop in to see his friends for a little bit. Here he is with my Owen. :) This was a "regular", "typical" Kindergarten class, where we live there is full inclusion for students with disabilities (what some people may know as "mainstreaming"), but the kids with special needs are "buddied up" and have an aid to help guide them through the classroom and tasks. Alex was Owen's buddy.
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Mommyof2girlz said... [Reply to comment]

Love the flower power and yay for getting to go to dinner with no kiddos, i'm sure you and hubby had a blast ;)

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

Love all of the flowers! Looks delicious :D

Kelly Polizzi said... [Reply to comment]

I love the flowers. So pretty. You'll have to teach me your trick on how to get your kids to eat cucumbers! I keep giving them to Willow but she keeps leaving them! lol

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