Thursday, July 8, 2010

bento lunches for the whole family (just about)

Yesterday we headed for a day out to Owen's happiest place on the planet, otherwise known as The Aquarium. EasyLunchboxes for all of us! Well, almost... my anti-bento lunchbox boy didn't have one and the baby ate from all of our lunches. I'm not sure how much longer meal-sharing with him will last however, Tyler seems to have a hearty appetite like his sister's, and he'll be requiring his OWN meals soon (I'm both looking forward to that and dreading it!).

First in the line-up, my lunch:
aqua bento for mama
I had the leftover half of a turkey sandwich wrap (from an impromptu Costco lunch the day before), carrots, chopped apple, pistachios and some stale SunChips.

Next up, 8-year-old's lunch:
aqua bento for Magoo
Ethan had a big smorgasbord of stuff. Cereal bar, granola bar, animal crackers, carrots, pickles, wheat crackers and cheddar cheese. The smaller sections held raspberries and strawberries & half a clementine.

The smaller dishes that were used in here are from one of our Sassy boxes.

And right after I took that second lunch picture my camera battery died! And my back-up battery was dead too! Gah! So frustrating. So the next couple photos were snapped with my phone.

aqua bento for Paige
My pumpkin had cheddar cheese, PB&J sandwich, Smart Puffs (by Pirate's Booty brand, just a different shape), cucumber slices and strawberries & clementine segments.
Her sandwich was cut using one of the new shapes from Lunch Punch's new "Sand*wishes" set (as I gushed about previously). I'm going to need to give this one a do-over because this sandwich just did not give the cute Lunch Punch any justice at all. I was in such a rush to get these boxes packed!

I apparently forgot to take any photo of my husband's lunch at all. He had a turkey & cheese sandwich (no cute shapes!), carrots, apple, grapes and apricot fruit leather if you want to know. ;-)

Our rainbow stack of EasyLunchboxes, ready to go!
ELBs go to aquarium

Don't forget that the Bento Goodie Giveaway is going on!

If you haven't cast your vote for Alex today, hop on over to the Pigeon Forge Taking Vacation Back Sweepstakes.
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That should pull up the nominees in order of their votes, with "Andrea K. - Spring Hill, Tn (6/1/2010)" listed near the top (currently in third place, so close to 2nd place!!!). Then hit where it says "vote" just to the left of Andrea's name.

Every vote you cast earns you another entry to the bento giveaway (so leave a comment on that post for each vote you submit, those comments are your entries!).

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who has been voting for Alex. Sincerely, I am overflowing with gratitude to all of you. I know the voting set-up on the site is not easy to navigate and it's a bit of a pain to find the right spot to vote. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Some people have asked if it's okay to share this on your own blogs or on your Facebook pages - YES!! PLEASE do! The Kallas family appreciates all the support that can be rallied! Thank you! You guys are the best. I mean that. :)

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Tifani said... [Reply to comment]

Love it! What kind of reaction do you get in public? I have packed bento a few times and get the "look at the crazy lady" stare some times. lol But that may be because my kids are eating spinach salad with bacon wrapped chicken skewers.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Hmmm. It's hard to tell. I'm so used to getting crazy eyes-popping-out-of-their-head stares from strangers because of Owen that I'm pretty immune to it. (LOL) I do think people are curious about the lunches though. I do get a lot of double-takes.

And, did someone say "bacon"? Yum! Hello, tummy growls!

Dion said... [Reply to comment]

Melissa, I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I am so impressed with your lunches!!! In fact, I placed my order for my "easylunchboxes" yesterday. My oldest starts all day kindergarten this year, and I'm looking forward to packing her lunches - using you as inspiration.

Chantale said... [Reply to comment]

These look great! I have these types of boxes..why am I not using them?? Love the variety in these lunches. Total yum!

Kelly Polizzi said... [Reply to comment]

i recently bought these easy lunch boxes too. AND we took them to our recent aquarium trip also. They are perfect. Yours look lovely and healthy with lots of colors.

Lyndsey said... [Reply to comment]

I love your lunches in these easylunchboxes, they hold a lot. Nice post, thanks for visiting my new place!

S.I.F. said... [Reply to comment]

That looks so good! So healthy! I love your lunch ideas!!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hi! I'm just starting this bento lunch thing for my family, your blog is incredibly inspirational. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how does the cheese stay fresh? And when you use silicon cupcake holders, how does the food not 'fall out'?

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome, housewifey :) The cheese stays fresh because the bentos seal nicely (so it doesn't dry out) and I use ice packs, so everything stays cool. With silicone cups, depending on the box, they often can reach up to the lid, so food stays contained that way. Also, I only use lunchbags that keep the bento containers nice and flat, so while things may shift a little bit, things pretty much stay where I put them. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

does your easylunchbox fit in a regular kid's lunchbox?

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