Thursday, July 22, 2010

bento goodie GIVEAWAY #3 {to benefit the Kallas family!}

Howdy everyone! Are you ready for the third bento goodie giveaway? Want to see the goodies?

Let's just dive right in here...

First, like last time, you get to pick a box.
pick a box, robots or Cars?

Stef was the winner of the last giveaway and she chose the pink box. So just in case the NEW winner really has his or her heart set on a cherry pink box, this one is also available for the picking:
pink 2 tier bento box with belt
It's a very sweet two-tier pink bento box and will come with a bento belt to keep it all securely together. :)

In addition to your choice of bento box you will also get....

cute cups and more cute cups (with lids!)
Super cute animal-shaped food cups and lidded sauce cups!

animal picks and bottles!
These adorable animal picks and matching mini animal sauce bottles!

And the winner will also get...
cutest cutters ever and mini silicone cups!
A set of insanely cute mini cutters (perfect for cutting fruit leather, cheese, teeny sandwiches...) and a set of 12 mini silicone cups (awesome for making mini granola bites or little stuffed biscuits!!)

Speaking of stuffed biscuits, the lucky ducky winner of this fun bento goodie giveaway will ALSO get...
cute cookbook! cute cups! cute cutters!
Susan Yuen's fantastic bento cookbook! This book is FULL of not just neat recipes, but TONS of ideas for making the cutest lunches. There are easy to follow step-by-step instructions (with pictures!) to show you how just average and simple cutter shapes can be used to make all sorts of new creations. It's an awesome resource for making lunches cute!

So what do you think? Is the loot worth voting for? I hope so.

And if you need a little more motivation, do it for this sweet boy who is fighting the fight for life, for his family that needs a break.

How to enter this spectacular bento giveaway:

Same drill as before!

1. go to the Pigeon Forge Taking Vacations Back contest page.

2. click the "votes" option and then the "sort" button. This should sort the nominees so that the ones with the most votes are at the top. If this doesn't work (sometimes it doesn't work when I do it on my iPhone), if you click the spot at the very top of the page where it says "vote for a family" and then do the sort by votes it should work then -- sometimes it's tricky. I'm sorry for that.

3. Find "Andrea K. - Spring Hill, Tn (6/1/2010)". This is the Kallas family, they are solidly in the 2nd place spot at this time. They can get to #1! They can! We can help them!!! Next click where it says "vote" right to the left of Andrea's name. That's it! You've voted!

4. Come back to THIS POST and leave a comment saying that you have voted. You can leave a comment for each vote you cast for the Kallas family. Vote there, leave a comment here. Vote there again, leave another comment here.

5. Come back and do it all over again every day. You can vote from your computer and your phone. You can vote from work. You can vote from the library. Hop on your neighbors unsecured wireless internet and vote again. ;-) Do what you gotta do, but please vote.
Leave another comment on my giveaway post for every vote you cast. More votes = more comments = more entries to the giveaway = more chances for you to win!

If you are new here or for some reason have no idea who Alex is or why I'm asking you to vote for the Kallas family, you can read the back story here.

This bento goodie giveaway (#3!!!) will run for nine days. The Pigeon Forge contest the Kallas family is in ends on July 31, and my contest will run until then too. I will close comments on Saturday, July 31, between 10-11pm CST. One winner will be chosen by

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU and please, keep the votes coming! :)

*** NOTE ADDED JULY 31, 2010 @ 11:33pm - this contest is now closed. Winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank you everyone! :)
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voted again!!

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