Monday, June 21, 2010

fun & sassy summer salad bento

Somehow I've fallen behind on posting our bento pictures. I keep coming across pictures on my computer that haven't been posted!

This bento lunch was for my little girl. I was packing a salad for myself and she wanted one too "just like you, mama!".

clover roll & sassy salad
On the left is a semi-homemade garlic clover roll, a few slices of salami and mozzarella cheese. On the right side is a salad of mixed organic greens and a couple grape tomatoes. The little bear face on the side is a small bottle of salad dressing. The little dressing bottle has a flip top lid and is sold (at JList) as a set with a few smaller bottles with cute tomato lids. :)

For the "semi-homemade clover rolls" I sort of followed the Pioneer Woman's recipe for "buttered rosemary rolls", only I cracked the frozen rolls into a few pieces and placed the pieces in a muffin tin. Instead of using butter, rosemary and sea salt as she does, I used garlic butter and garlic salt on these. Delicious! (and easy!). :)

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