Thursday, May 6, 2010

two bentos, shared fruit

My big boy Magoo told me that yesterday's bento was "almost perfect" but that he'd like more fruit today, so this is a pretty close repeat of yesterday's lunch.
L&L bento
On the right he has a cereal bar and the last of our homemade granola bites (baked in a mini-sized silicone cup), wheat crackers and cheddar cheese in a variety of shapes. I love that he still enjoys cute shapes in his lunch. I am going to milk this as long as he lets me. :) So far all his friends think it's really cool and he likes having a "special lunch", so hopefully we will be okay with it for some time to come!
On the left he has fruit. Strawberries and kiwi fruit on the bottom and clementine orange and raspberries on the top.

My little girl has some of the same fruit in her lunch today, sans raspberries. Magoo asked very nicely if I would save the last few raspberries for his lunch tomorrow, rather than put them in her lunch today (LOL). He's very possessive of raspberries. :p
SassyBox bento
She did get some raspberry preserves in her sandwich though! :) (along with cream cheese), also on the right side are cheddar slices.
On the left side she has strawberries, kiwi fruit and clementine orange segments, and a dish of fishie crackers.
Her lunch is packed in a Sassy box with only one of the smaller inner dishes used.

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