Wednesday, April 14, 2010

puzzling preschool bento

What makes this bento so puzzling? Well, it appears I put the sandwich in the box upside down. Or maybe the box was turned the wrong way when I was taking the picture. Either way, this photo leaves me turning my head to one side to look at it. Sorry! ;-)

sassy preschool bento

On the left side my little miss has a peanut butter and honey sandwich, with goldfish crackers to one side and a piece of fruit leather cut into a puzzle piece shape on top; and on the right she has raspberries and cheddar cheese.
This berry, er, very orangish colorless bento (sorry, again) is packed in a Sassy box with just two of the inner dishes being used.  I used those wonderful Lunch Punch sandwich cutters to make the puzzle shaped piece of fruit leather.

The puzzle piece is to remind's April and that is Autism Awareness Month! :)  I asked my super cool friend Amy if I could steal some of her autism awareness messages she's been posting on Facebook this month and she gave me the green light.  I'm so glad because she has the perfect way of wording these little tidbits of info!

"Close to 1% of kids in the US, as well as many adults, are autistic. Chances are you know someone autistic, but may not realize it. That "brat" throwing a tantrum in the supermarket could be autistic. Many autistic people find the lights and noises of stores overwhelming."

This one hits home with me (well, okay all of Amy's messages have!), but this one in a different way because we are on the receiving end of "the look" from perfect strangers all the time when we are in public. It breaks my heart (and totally pisses me off too, frankly) when people passing by or overhearing us at the market make the snap judgement that my boy is an out-of-control hellion. And it happens a lot, more times than not, all too evidenced by the wide eyed looks on their faces and the whispering and head nods in our direction. If only they knew. His "normal" appearance is really only that, an appearance. It is skin deep, and the complexity that is my son runs to his core. It is yet another area in which we should not judge a book by it's cover. :)

Items used to make this bento:

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G. said... [Reply to comment]

Your bento always looks so appealing. :) We have a restaurant not too far from us that serves bento...I thought that was pretty cool.

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