Friday, April 23, 2010

popcorn for two

It was an EasyLunchbox kind of day.

My big boy's lunch for the day:
ELB popcorn lunch

He had popcorn in the big section, a strawberry cereal bar and granola bar in the smallest section, and an orange in the middle spot.
Magoo LOVES to have popcorn at school, but it doesn't fit well in most boxes. So happy to have the EasyLunchboxes for popcorn days! :)

My little girl's lunch for the day:
ELB lunch for miss P.

Paige had a ham & cheese sandwich on half a kaiser roll and corn puffs (Trader Joe's brand of "pirate booty") which my little girl calls "yummy popcorns" :) in the big section, an assortment of organic raisins and yogurt covered raisins in the smallest section with a piece of fruit leather cut with The Lunch Punch, and finally some broccoli (with ranch in the little dip cup).

The little puzzle piece of fruit leather is a reminder of.... what was it again?
(all together now!) It's Autism Awareness Month!  Very good class! :)

Our Autism Awareness message of the day, written by my amazing friend Amy:

"Eye tracking experiments show that non-autistic people (as young as three months old) will look at people's eyes for social cues and clues about emotion, meaning and intention. But autistic people, from infants to adults, will tend look at mouths instead to find the source of the sound. This is Autism Awareness Month and this is me making you aware. :)"

A lack of eye contact as an infant was the first thing that tipped me off that something was going on with my son. His gaze would skirt all around my head and settle in the distance, wholly refusing to look at my face. Gradually this faded, he makes great eye contact now. :)  

Don't forget that in celebration of Autism Awareness Month I am having a fabulous bento goodie giveaway! Don't forget to leave a comment (on that post!) to enter. :)
And speaking of comments, I think I have the nicest readers on all of the internets! My goodness, you are all so sweet and flattering. Don't make me go and get a big head. ;-)  Some of the comments regarding your own experiences with autism have had me in tears. Happy tears. :)  You all are the BEST.

Supplies used to pack these lunches:

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Sandra said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness, I'm loving this blog. My daughter takes a lunch everyday and even though she is 11, she still wants me to write her a note everyday. I know she would love a little variety and these are soooo cute. I'm following and I'm tagging you for a blog game, (post your 6th blog picture) Come check it out if you want to participate:-)

Tifani says... said... [Reply to comment]

Do you think the kids are going to miss the puzzle pieces next month? I know all of mine would! :)

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Tifani, I'll still use the puzzle shapes after April! I won't use them exclusively though, like I feel I have been this month. I love how the crackers have come out using them, so I'll definitely keep doing that I think. Puzzle pieces are too fun. :)

Juliette Frost said... [Reply to comment]

How cute! I saw two bento boxes that I think you'd love seeing:

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