Thursday, April 15, 2010

bits & pieces preschool bento

Lunch for my little girl on a preschool day. :)

preschool bento in a sassy box

On the left she has pb&jvsandwich cut into puzzle pieces using The Lunch Punch, and in the dish is swiss cheese and salami rolls.
On the right she has apple slices, wheat crackers, a couple animal crackers and a little cup of organic yogurt covered raisins.

The puzzle pieces are to remind us (all together now!) it's Autism Awareness Month!
Spoken by my awesome friend, Amy:

"According to the latest studies, the overall rate of autism in US children is about 1 in 100.
But the chances of parents of an autistic child having another autistic child is estimated to be less than 1 in 20, possibly as low as 1 in 10. This means many families have (and need support for) two or more autistic children....
It's still Autism Awareness Month and this is your autism awareness tidbit for today. :)"

Supplies used to make this lunch:

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