Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bento with a missing piece

Oops, I forgot to incorporate puzzle pieces into this bento! 

I even had fruit leather cut out for it, totally cute little puzzle piece ready to go!, but it totally slipped my mind at the end. Eek!  *foreheadslap*

preschool bento with forgotten puzzle piece!

My little miss has a peanut butter & honey sandwich with SunChips on the right, and on the left is cheddar cheese and a mix of purple and green grapes. I don't usually cut her grapes in half any longer, unless they are very big, which was the case with these green ones!

Despite my missing puzzle shapes in this bento, I'm still going to treat you with an Autism Awareness message today! :)

My amazing friend Amy shares:
"Both autistic & non-autistic people may engage in "stimming" (a type of repetitive behavior) to calm anxiety. For autistics, stimming more often takes the form of stereotypical, socially unacceptable behavior like rocking, hand flapping, spinning or unusual vocalizations. But if you nervously bite your nails, twirl your hair or drum your fingers, you're stimming too, just in a more socially acceptable way."

Items used to pack this bento:

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frosty said... [Reply to comment]

Random comment....I have to tell you that I thought of you the other day when some former students of mine were selling Autism Awareness bracelets in front of Walmart. I bought one in honor of your blog. Thanks for inspiring!

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