Monday, March 8, 2010

snack bento with pb&j biscuit

My kids didn't have school today (yay!) and my little girl took a longer-than-normal nap. Knowing she'd be hungry as soon as she woke (she was!), and figuring she was going to wake at a hectic time (she did!), I got this little bento together to be waiting for her.

She has a peanut butter & jelly biscuit sandwich, a flower shaped piece of fruit leather, a silicone cup of grapes and organic yogurt covered raisins, veggie straws, and tucked in the back corner is a tiny piece of granola bar.

The peanut butter & jelly biscuit is a funny thing. I make them in a batch of about 8 or so and keep the extras in the freezer to pull out here and there. My daughter loves them as long as she thinks it's a cookie. If she thinks it's a sandwich then she won't eat it.

I've made a batch of them about four times now and out of each batch I can only get half of them to turn out. This was one of the better ones from my last try. Because they are freezer friendly, it's nice to pull one out and let it thaw in a bento box and be ready to eat by lunch time. You can find the recipe here, but be warned, they are trickier to have turn out well than the photo there and directions would indicate! ;-)

(Or maybe I'm just lousy at making them. That is entirely possible.)
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Wendy said... [Reply to comment]

What happens to them to keep them from turning out well? That looks like something the little guy would like, so I'm curious to try them.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

There are a couple problems I encounter making them... I have issues with some of the biscuits puffing up so much that most of the filling gets pushed out, sometimes no matter how hard I press the seams together they still puff apart into seperate halves, and once the seams split the filling will leak out. Those ones come out looking like a taco. My frustration is that I do all them exactly the same every time and yet my results are all over the place! I stubbornly think each time I try it, "this time they will all come out perfectly!".

Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

A suggestion... after you shape them, put them in the refrigerator on the cookie sheet, to chill. For about 20-30 minutes. Once they're thoroughly chilled, then bake them. This is a trick baker's often use for shaped items. When something cold hits the hot oven, there's less time for it to lose it's shape since it starts to cook right away.

Give that a shot. :O)

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

That is a good tip, Lisa. I actually DID think to do that on the last batch I made - for the last three I put the cookie sheet in the fridge...and then I forgot all about them and they sat in there all night. By morning they looked all dried out and shriveled (yuck!). So I just threw them out and never got to see if it would help! LOL

mrs. fuzz said... [Reply to comment]

I love this little bento! I wnt to make those biscuits now. Thanks for the link. Also, thanks for the goodbyn (spelling?) review. I saw an add in Family Fun Magazine and was curious about them, but wasn't sure of the size. Now I know! :)

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