Monday, March 15, 2010

pathetic bento

If it wasn't bad enough being an icky, drizzly, cloudy March morning, to add insult to injury it is also the first Monday following Daylight Savings Time. The result is a bento that looks something like this:

Such a pathetic sight. Strawberries, cheddar cheese, crunchy garlic toast yummy things (Costco sample that sucked me in - delicious!), granola bar & cereal.
The bus was already rumbling down the street behind us, so I didn't even have time to grab a pretty background paper. Or even to check that the camera was focusing. Or maybe the lens is smudged? I don't know, but it does add to the overall pathetic look of the thing.

I promise something fun and much more sightly tomorrow. Pinky swear.
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