Friday, March 19, 2010

another Goodbyn lunch for my fruithead kid

Today my 8-year-old (let's just call him Magoo ;-) ), Magoo, wanted a "big orange" and apples in his lunch. Big oranges and apples don't fit very well in a regular sized bento box, so..... (da da daaaaa!) Goodbyn to the rescue!
Goodbyn with orange fan
On the left side he has slices of cheddar cheese, multi-grain crackers, granola bar, granny smith apple slices.
In the middle is ice water, and after I took the photo I remembered to stick some baby carrots in the tiny space, but obviously, they didn't make the picture!
On the right is an orange, placed on a swizzle stick so it doesn't flop around too much. Under the orange are some mini-sized ice packs (cut out of a larger ice blanket).

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