Wednesday, February 24, 2010

quite the colorless bento

If you are looking for color variety and whimsical inspiration this bento is going to be a big disappointment for you. ;-)

We have apple slices, strawberry cereal bar and chocolate chip granola bar, SunChips, cheddar cheese and baby carrots.

A couple random food notes:

- SunChips bags are now completely biodegradable! You can stick it in your compost bin! The bags are made from vegetable based plant products. How cool is that? I'm stoked! I hope, wish, pray that other companies will soon follow suit.

- I always buy organic baby carrots because I found out a couple years ago that baby carrots are *chemically* peeled. I used to think they just ran through some sort of neat machine that peeled and chopped them up. But then I read an article that stated that the carrots actually sit in a chemical laden solution that disolves the skin off the carrots.
Hmmm. I just don't think that's a great thing to be eating. Call me crazy if you must. ;-)
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Amy said... [Reply to comment]

Not sure where you read that about the carrots, but it doesn't sound quite right. Baby cut carrots are cut by machine, as you had thought. Almost all produce, including organic, is washed with chlorinated water to kill bacteria, thus extending shelf life and keeping you from getting sick.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I read it from a Yahoo homepage article. I looked into it quite a bit at that time and found mulitple sources stating the same information.
Organic produce is not washed in chlorine. Organic baby carrots are rinsed in a citrus based non-toxic solution.

The Planet Pink said... [Reply to comment]

Now this is what my bentos look like! LOL Cool about the Sun Chips - that's the only sort of chip we buy if we buy them at all.

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

Yay for sun chips! Ew for baby carrots. I always just chop up my own because of cost, now I feel even better about it!

Susan B. said... [Reply to comment]

another yay for sunchips! that's great! ewww on the baby carrots. I quit buying them a few years ago because they always seemed a little wet/slimy and I just couldn't enjoy them. I've been buying local Alaska carrots (the BEST EVER). They are great even w/o peeling. ;)

SunChips said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the new SunChips compostable bag! We’re trying to spread the word, so please visit to learn more, and become a fan of SunChips on Facebook.

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