Thursday, February 25, 2010

mama eats bento too

This morning was ca-razy. I got my son's and daughter's bentos packed but there was no time to take pictures. No time! We were so late my older son even missed the bus. (Is it Friday yet?!)

This bento picture is one of my OWN lunches from last weekend when we were out of the house enjoying a dash of sunny weather in an otherwise frigid and lingering winter.
Laptop Lunch - deli rolls

In a Laptop Lunches box - I have sandwich rolls sans wrap (peppered turkey, havarti cheese, lots of baby spinach and mustard...YUM!) SunChips, pistachios, carrots and celery with my favorite ranch (Trader Joe's low fat parmesan ranch) for dipping.

To be honest, I really don't like celery. I think it tastes like dirt.

The way raw veggies roll in this house drives me batty - the rundown (take notes, there may be a quiz at the end):

* My husband: likes celery, doesn't care for carrots, can tolerate cucumbers in severe moderation, sometimes eats broccoli.
* Me: I love carrots, tolerate small amounts of celery, really dislike cucumbers. No broccoli, no way, no how.
* 8 year old son: loves carrots, can tolerate some cucumbers, doesn't care for celery, sorta likes broccoli.
* 6 year old son: ... uh, no.
* 2 year old daughter: LOVES cucumbers, barely tolerates carrots, suspicious of celery. Sometimes eats broccoli... but cooked broccoli is one of her favorite foods and she scowls when it's given to her in raw format. LOL
* baby: yet to be seen!


Friday, are you here yet?

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The Planet Pink said... [Reply to comment]

Ah, this makes my 2 day old leftover pizza that I'm currently consuming look highly unappetizing. LOL

Mariah said... [Reply to comment]

lol! ^_^ I *love* carrots (not cooked though) *hate* celery, dont care for cucumber and love broccoli ^_^ J is about the same and T likes cucumber & strongly dislikes carrots, then matches me on the rest :D he and J also *love peas which I dont really like much.. . I try...

oh! and you're right about celery tasting like dirt, yuck!

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said... [Reply to comment]

Yum your lunch looks delicious! I went to take today's bento picture just to have my camera die from lack of battery power. I think it needs to be Friday too lol

I think celery is nasty and I have no idea how anyone tolerates it :P

Susan B. said... [Reply to comment]

ha ha. I like celery a lot, only it has to be only the inner light colored stalks - I don't care for the super green celery. cooked or raw is fine with me. hubs will not eat celery except maybe once a year if it is slathered in peanut butter.

carrots - love 'em raw, can't stand them cooked. hubs likes them raw, loves them cooked.

broccoli - cooked is good, raw is ok. this is for both me & hubs.

I also love cucumbers & mushrooms. He HATES cucumber and is only starting to tolerate a few cooked mushrooms once in a while.

oh, and another one: I like tomatoes. He will rarely eat one - only once in a blue moon on a restaurant salad. if I put them on salad at home he picks around them. :(

and we don't even have kids!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

We are not tomato eaters - unless it's in salsa! :P
Mmmmm, salsa.

Nicole and Robert said... [Reply to comment]

I recently found your blog, booked marked it and check it everyday. I've not gotten all of the supplies and started with the kiddie bentos. I really think it is fun and my 2.5 year old loves it. Haven't gotten organized to take a pic yet but will soon. Thanks for the fun!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

It's totally my pleasure, Nicole! :) Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment...they really encourage me to keep the blog going! :)

Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

Yum, those turkey wraps look really good. I love peppered turkey. Where did you buy your Laptop Lunch? I saw them at Whole Foods but couldn't figure out the price so I skipped it. I think it might be nice to get one for P for school next year.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I got this Laptop Lunch at their website - it was a long time ago! I got it when E. was just starting Kindergarten! Back then we didn't have a Whole Foods here, just Wild Oats (which has since turned to WF).

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