Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't Feed The Bears! bento

A beary bear-themed bento, packed in a Sassy Baby Feeding Set.
beary bento

On the left is a cheese sandwich cut with a bear shaped cookie cutter surrounded by paw-holding bear cubs of fruit leather. :)
On the right is a dish of mini sized Teddy Grahams and in the silicone cup is a bear shaped hard-boiled egg.

The hard boiled egg is shaped like a bear by using egg molds. When the egg is still hot you peel it (mind your fingers, this can sting!) and pop it into the plastic mold and then cool. Because the hot egg is very malleable it will conform to the shape of the mold around it. It's pretty easy, except for the peeling a super hot egg part. ;-)
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Mathmom and family said... [Reply to comment]

I love the molded eggs, but always disliked the process of making them. Maybe that's why I stopped making them!

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