Sunday, January 31, 2010

simple bento

simple lunch

This is a very simple little bento.

It consists of a cheese sandwich, clementine oranges and fruit leather. I used a mini-sized heart cookie cutter on the fruit leather.

I like to cut the fruit leather for my young daughter because a whole piece of it is really a bit too big for her at this point and the shapes are fun. :) Bonus, at two-years-old she's just learning her shapes - bento can be educational in addition to cute! :)

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Shannon said... [Reply to comment]

What kind of fruit leather is that? It cuts so neatly! I hadn't thought to cut these into shapes before but it is so cute!

I'm Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I buy two kinds and I'm not sure which one this was. I get Trader Joe's and Stretch Island Fruit Co.. The latter I find in the organic section of Kroger and at Whole Foods. :) Stretch Island also comes in more flavor choices - like apricot! I think most of TJ's are apple blends.

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