Saturday, January 30, 2010

prechooler lunch bento

Bento lunch for a spunky two-year-old:
preschool bento

This is a bento lunch for my 2yo daughter to take to preschool. It's a pretty typical bento for her.
- On the left side there are cheese cubes and a half sandwich of peanut butter & jelly. Luckily there are no allergies in her class so we don't have to avoid sending in an old fashioned PB&J.
- On the right side there are fresh blueberries in the top dish with a granola bar and some pretzels to the side.

The box I used to pack this lunch can be found really easily, it's made by the Sassy brand and you can order it from Amazon. I think it's also available at Babies-R-Us, at least I remember seeing one there a year or so ago when I was there last. It comes with 3 inner compartments and each one has its own tight-fitting lid to keep contents from dripping. I don't usually use the inner lids unless I'm packing something extra messy - which I try not to do for preschool. This box works very well for my daughter's lunch as it holds just the right amount of food for her. On this day the box came home with only 2 pretzels left uneaten.
Bonus, this box fits perfectly inside her prized piggie lunchbox. :)

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Ibeth said... [Reply to comment]

Im sorry Melissa I wanted to know which bento I should buy to fit in my son's lunch sack he is going to Kidergarten and I bought him the Lands' End Kids' Classmate lunch sack?

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Hi lbeth! :) I *think* that is the same bag I ordered when my oldest was starting Kindergarten. I bought it for him to use with a Laptop Lunches box, but then he couldn't work the Laptop latch by himself so I ended up returning the lunchbag.

If I remember correctly (and if it's the same bag I think it is!), then it's pretty big, right? And all soft-sided? If so then just abotu ANY box will fit in it!
If he's a big eater I'd suggest the EasyLunchboxes or LL, and if he's a bit of a lighter eater you can't go wrong with the Sassy box (like in this post!), or a Lock & Lock. If you tell me what sorts of foods you'll be packing I can probably get a better idea of what box would be a good match for you. :)

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