Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's hip to

As I say, these four square Lock & Lock boxes are just so darn easy!
orangey bento

It's probably obvious, but here we go clockwise from top left: mini Rice Krispie Treat square, Cheez-It crackers, clementine orange segments, cheddar cheese.
Notice a theme here? If only I had tossed in some carrots then the quadfecta would have been complete. ;) Not only are 3/4 of the contents orange, but they all start with the letter "C". Ha! :)

As it was my son was begging for a treat from his Halloween treats to be included in his lunch and this was his choice. I was surprised because he had recently been turning his nose up to Rice Krispy Treats we had around recently but as it turns out he just wanted to take that to trade with other kids in the cafeteria. Apparently Rice Krispy Treats were one of the more sought after treats and had high trading value in the lunch room. Who knew? He ended up trading for a mini Kit-Kat, which he still calls "pretzel chocolate", a name he came up with when he was a toddler. Oddly enough, he completely abhors real chocolate covered pretzels. Go figure.
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