Wednesday, October 28, 2009

spooky bento - boo!

A bento from Halloween week for my 2nd grade son.
bento lunch

This was a bigger lunch than most because he informed me the day prior that he was STARVING and neeeeeded more food.*
This bento was packed in a two-tier bento box.

Top tier from left to right: parmesan-garlic bread, granola bar cut in half, gummy worm for a treat.
Bottom tier from left to right: baby carrots with ranch dip in the little green case, purple grapes on picks (to keep from rolling all about!), clementine orange segments.
The blue cup the carrots and dip are packed in is a silicone muffin cup, this one is made by Wilton. Silicone cups are really handy to have for bento boxes to contain smaller items and provide some barriers when needed. They are not too tall to interfere with even a shallow bento box from closing properly and because they don't have rigid sides they can conform to odd spaces. Silicone muffin cups are also available in many shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate your needs and preferences.

All packed up for the lunchbox:
bento and zoo 071
For the month of October I included a Halloween joke in each of his lunches. At the end of the month we stapled the ones that survived the month into a little Halloween joke book. :) Boo!

* For the record, half the food packed this day came home from school uneaten. So much for the starved boy who neeeeeded more food. Made for an easy after-school snack. ;)
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