Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lock & Lock bentos

When I am very short on time and feeling rushed to put a lunch together quickly I invariably grab for the four square Lock & Lock box.
easy peasy bento

It is just so easy (and fast!) to pack up each section.

Clockwise from top left: cereal bar (cut in half so it would fit in the compartment), cheddar cheese with jack cheese flower inserts & Wheat Thins, chopped kiwi fruit, clementine orange segments. Note the cute little picks in the fruit compartments, that's a dead give-away that this bento was for my 2nd grader and not my two-year-old. :) He's my pickier eater who shuns sandwiches, so cereal bars make for a substitution in many of his bento lunches.

To make the little two-tone cheese squares with the flower inserts I used teeny tiny little cutters. After slicing the cheddar cheese into thick slices and cutting that into squares I used the teeny tiny flower cutter to cut out the middle and then using slices of jack cheese I cut flowers again to insert into the cheddar squares. :) The teeny tiny cutters I like best came in a metal tin, which is great so they don't end up making a mess in my bento drawer....

Don't worry, those little cheddar flowers that were cut out were not discarded...
quick bento
There they are! They ended up in the 2 year-old's bento. :) She also got mini-sized PB&J sandwiches cut into fish shapes (sort of, they didn't turn out very well), some kiwi fruit and veggie straws. Because she is so young and I worry about her messing around and choking on the little food picks, I give her a small-sized fork instead. Although it looks like it doesn't fit inside the little compartment all the way, the lid to the Lock & LOck box does snap on securely without a problem. :)
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