Sunday, January 24, 2010

zoo day bento

This bento was made for my 7 year-old son as a snack.
zoo trip bento snack

From left to right: granola bar pieces (I cut a granola bar into 4 pieces), a silicone cup holds clementine orange segments, garlic-parmesan bread with some Wheat Thin crackers tucked to the top and sides and the last piece of granola bar tucked into the corner. The little giraffe is a bento "pick", a mini fork. The giraffe is my most favorite bento pick in my supply stash, and very appropriate for this day's zoo excursion. :)

This bento is more carb-heavy than I'd prefer and also more monotone than I'd prefer, this one being very tan and pale.

It's packed using only the top tier of a two tier "authentic" bento box. Most of the inexpensive "real" bento boxes do not have securely fastening lids and require a band to keep closed. This one is mostly made of felt with an elastic segment on the back to make it stretchy.


The clear polka-dot section of the lid is removable to make an extra storage space for things like utensils or (traditionally), chopsticks. Sometimes I tuck a napkin in there, but usually I leave it empty.
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