Monday, January 25, 2010

bento lunch for a zoo-bound two-year-old :)

bento lunch
Packed in my favorite box for her lunches, a Sassy Baby Mealtime On the Go Feeding Set. Such a great size for her age...and appetite!

On this day she had a half sandwich, Goldfish crackers, purple grapes, clementine oranges, and tucked in between the grapes and oranges is a granola bar.
I would not usually put a wrapped product in a bento, but this day I did because I wasn't sure if she would want it and they go stale quite quickly once unwrapped.

The sandwich was cut using a Sweetbytes sandwich cutter. These are great for cutting the crusts off the sandwich and leaving behind a cute shape with no waste. This one is a heart, albeit a little lopsided one. ;)
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