Saturday, December 5, 2009

broken (heart) bento

It was a sad day for bento.
heart bento

Cheddar cheese cut into hearts, a silicone cup filled with kiwi, a cereal bar cut into thirds and a granola bar also cut in three pieces.

As you can see, I tried to put a cheese heart onto a heart-adorned pick and it broke the cheese heart. It was a bit of foreshadowing I think. For this fateful day my son came home crying he was so hungry and saying he didn't get to eat lunch. What do you mean you didn't eat lunch? Turns out his elbow caught the side of his box and sent it flying to the cafeteria floor, spilling everywhere. He was offered a hot lunch from the cafeteria, which he refused. Poor kid. Poor bento. :(
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's hip to

As I say, these four square Lock & Lock boxes are just so darn easy!
orangey bento

It's probably obvious, but here we go clockwise from top left: mini Rice Krispie Treat square, Cheez-It crackers, clementine orange segments, cheddar cheese.
Notice a theme here? If only I had tossed in some carrots then the quadfecta would have been complete. ;) Not only are 3/4 of the contents orange, but they all start with the letter "C". Ha! :)

As it was my son was begging for a treat from his Halloween treats to be included in his lunch and this was his choice. I was surprised because he had recently been turning his nose up to Rice Krispy Treats we had around recently but as it turns out he just wanted to take that to trade with other kids in the cafeteria. Apparently Rice Krispy Treats were one of the more sought after treats and had high trading value in the lunch room. Who knew? He ended up trading for a mini Kit-Kat, which he still calls "pretzel chocolate", a name he came up with when he was a toddler. Oddly enough, he completely abhors real chocolate covered pretzels. Go figure.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

big boy snack bento


In the back there are green grapes on picks, a square silicone cup of strawberries with a giraffe fork/pick, in front there are cheddar cheese pieces and another silicone cup with Wheat Thin crackers.

The cute strip separating the front from the back is bento barran. They are little plastic (or sometimes silicone) dividers that keep foods separated. They are washable and I reuse our pieces many times until they are discarded. If you do not have access to a bento supply shop you could always fold down a piece of wax paper or even foil to use as a divider if needed! :) In addition to serving a function purpose in bento boxes, barran also adds a pop of color and cuteness. :)
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

spooky bento - boo!

A bento from Halloween week for my 2nd grade son.
bento lunch

This was a bigger lunch than most because he informed me the day prior that he was STARVING and neeeeeded more food.*
This bento was packed in a two-tier bento box.

Top tier from left to right: parmesan-garlic bread, granola bar cut in half, gummy worm for a treat.
Bottom tier from left to right: baby carrots with ranch dip in the little green case, purple grapes on picks (to keep from rolling all about!), clementine orange segments.
The blue cup the carrots and dip are packed in is a silicone muffin cup, this one is made by Wilton. Silicone cups are really handy to have for bento boxes to contain smaller items and provide some barriers when needed. They are not too tall to interfere with even a shallow bento box from closing properly and because they don't have rigid sides they can conform to odd spaces. Silicone muffin cups are also available in many shapes, sizes and colors to accommodate your needs and preferences.

All packed up for the lunchbox:
bento and zoo 071
For the month of October I included a Halloween joke in each of his lunches. At the end of the month we stapled the ones that survived the month into a little Halloween joke book. :) Boo!

* For the record, half the food packed this day came home from school uneaten. So much for the starved boy who neeeeeded more food. Made for an easy after-school snack. ;)
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lock & Lock bentos

When I am very short on time and feeling rushed to put a lunch together quickly I invariably grab for the four square Lock & Lock box.
easy peasy bento

It is just so easy (and fast!) to pack up each section.

Clockwise from top left: cereal bar (cut in half so it would fit in the compartment), cheddar cheese with jack cheese flower inserts & Wheat Thins, chopped kiwi fruit, clementine orange segments. Note the cute little picks in the fruit compartments, that's a dead give-away that this bento was for my 2nd grader and not my two-year-old. :) He's my pickier eater who shuns sandwiches, so cereal bars make for a substitution in many of his bento lunches.

To make the little two-tone cheese squares with the flower inserts I used teeny tiny little cutters. After slicing the cheddar cheese into thick slices and cutting that into squares I used the teeny tiny flower cutter to cut out the middle and then using slices of jack cheese I cut flowers again to insert into the cheddar squares. :) The teeny tiny cutters I like best came in a metal tin, which is great so they don't end up making a mess in my bento drawer....

Don't worry, those little cheddar flowers that were cut out were not discarded...
quick bento
There they are! They ended up in the 2 year-old's bento. :) She also got mini-sized PB&J sandwiches cut into fish shapes (sort of, they didn't turn out very well), some kiwi fruit and veggie straws. Because she is so young and I worry about her messing around and choking on the little food picks, I give her a small-sized fork instead. Although it looks like it doesn't fit inside the little compartment all the way, the lid to the Lock & LOck box does snap on securely without a problem. :)
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